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Submitted by Danielle (United States), Nov 30, 2007 at For everyone here - who is currently in love with someone from the middle east, just be careful.

Arabic guys are "the greatest actors until the end". This is enough motivation alone to perform at their best & convincably.

One of their main competitors was the German inventor David Roentgen, who constructed a dulcimer player modeled on Marie Antoinette and gave it to her as a gift.

These stories always seemed to raise the same question: What would it take for a thing to go from being merely humanoid to actually human?

There have been machines that move themselves for millennia. E., the Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria designed dolls that could be used to act out miniature theatrical scenes.

The original treatises he wrote about these automata were lost to history.

But a group of Sicilian scholars discovered Arabic translations in the thirteenth century.

Translating into Latin, the monks coined a new term for automata that looked human: androïdes, from andros, the Greek word for “man.”Androids have always inspired mythmaking.

It stood at the entrance, hearing the petitions of visitors and either allowing them an audience or not, until one day, the bishop’s protégé, a young St.I’m sure many of you are wondering how to say I love you, I miss you and other romantic phrase in the Lebanese dialect.If you go out with, or you spouse is, someone of Lebanese descent, these sentences will come in handy.Thomas Aquinas, flew into a rage and smashed it to pieces.Some said that Aquinas had become convinced that the Iron Man was demonic.

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